Look at this picture. You can read this “shika katan”. These days, this word is frequently used.


This means someone loves something so much. Suppose she likes Taylor Swift so much then she would say “Taylor Swift shika katan”.

<What is “shika katan”>

Shika = Only

Katan = Win ( Katsu)

If you have any question, please feel free to ask me:)

Japanese school boys and girls love to use “TikTok”, which is made by Chinese Company and this controversial for “Clean Network” by Trump.

In fact High school students invent new slung in TikTok.

Today Im gonna show you 397.

This is very simple.

397= Thank you, dude!


3: Than

9: kyou

7: dude

I will make the story about Valkyrie Profile which is published in 1999 from ENIX AAA team.

To be honest, VP is the one of the famous game in japan and people still love it like me.

In short, this origin is Europe North Mythology and like dark fantasy.

Next article will be a prologue and that is THE SADDEST story.

Japanese Internet Slang op.7

Today’s topic is bit of strange.


— Use KANSAI dialect.

I know why Kansai dialect is effective. But I would like to omit that explanation. What is Kansai dialect? It is so called oosaka-ben, like…

“Nandeyane!(なんでやねん!)” which is used in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, or West side.

But ACTUALLY, Internet people…


Stay Foolish Stay Full.

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